Phoenix OS on XPS 12 9250

PhoenixOS is an Android x86 project that allows Android to run natively on typical x86 based hardware. I own an XPS 12 9250 2-in-1 tablet/laptop, which I’ve installed PhoenixOS 2.3 to. My notes:

Detecting PhoenixOS hang

Initially after installation to my C drive in Windows, PhoenixOS can be selected in a Grub boot screen. However it failed to start, hanging on a “Detecting PhoenixOS…” message. There’s not much out there on this message other than a FAQ that blames drive performance. Mine’s on an SSD, so I doubted that was the problem.


I disabled BitLocker. The files placed on the my NTFS-based C: drive can’t be read by a non-windows operating system if it is encrypted by BitLocker.

Sleep works, waking does not

The XPS 9250 does go to sleep in PhoenixOS, however it freezes on waking with a black screen. Many other users with different hardware also seem to face this wake issue with PhoenixOS, however I could not find an easy fix for this.

Camera does not work

After installation, neither the front or rear cameras of the laptop work out-of-the-box. I could not find an easy fix for this.


Performance seems quite good. I installed Shooty Skies to test out gaming in PhoenixOS, and it played as one would expect from any Android tablet. General usage such as browsing seems to perform as expected.