VirtualBox VM Aborting When Mouse Enters Screen

When using the Internet Explorer VMs from in VirtualBox 5.1.6, I encountered a strange issue. The VM boots normally, but when I interacted with it within VirtualBox the VM immediately shut down and went into an “Aborted” state. Right clicking the VM to check the logs yielded no information in particular.

After some research I found another user with a similar issue on the VirtualBox forums. In his case, updating the VirtualBox Guest Additions resolved the issue. This makes sense, as the Guest Additions currently used by the VMs are out-of-step with the current version of VirtualBox, however this is not easy as simply clicking inside the VM results in it shutting down.

Enabling Remote Display (after installing the Proprietary VirtualBox Extension Pack) and connecting to the VM in this way works around the issue, as the Guest Extensions are not used and thus cannot crash the VM. Once connected in this way Guest Extensions can be downloaded and updated.