When March 2010 - May 2010
Technologies Java, Swing, Webstart, Log4J, JUnit
Tools JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, Fisheye
Project Site and Source Fluency at Knownspace
License Apache 2.0
Screenshot of Fluency


During my graduate studies (unfinished) I had the opportunity to participate in an open-source project that aimed to create a multi-platform Java application that non-technical users could use to build functional applications visually. This project is on-going and can be used in its alpha stages. I was chosen to work on this project as part of work for a Masters-level Java Design Patterns course at Indiana University by Professor Gregory Rawlins. I played a major role in redesigning the User Experience of a key functional component of the application, and also assisted with Technical Implementation.

I worked on this project as a three-man team for two months with two other Java Developers. The main goal of this two-month engagement was to redesign and implement a key component of how a user defines the functionality of an application they are creating. We also redesigned much of the look-and-feel of the application, as well as identified and documented critical User Experience flaws of the application.

The result of my participation during this two-month engagement was numerous code and design contributions to the existing open-source application, which can be viewed at the repository listed above. To see examples of our team's work, please see the below videos.

A report of commits I made to the project can be viewed using the build summary at Knownspace's Bamboo.

Presentations created


Fluency's "pipe" system after design input and development contributions

Fluency's "pipe" system before design input and development contributions